For Women’s History Month 2022 Eliza Hatch and Bee Illustrates came together to co-curate their debut group show, Hysterical. This charity, community-focused group exhibition celebrated women and marginalised genders whose work centred on community, activism and uplifting voices of those around them.

Who are we? Eliza Hatch is a photographer, activist, speaker and founder of Cheer Up Luv, a photo series and platform dedicated to retelling stories of sexual harassment. Bee Illustrates is a queer, non-binary, illustrator who uses their art to educate and inform on a range of topics like feminism, mental health and queerness.

Hysterical brought together creatives from multiple disciplines including photography, illustration, film, textiles and digital media whose work focuses on issues such as identity, race, sexual harassment, gender, politics and more. Exhibiting artists included; Alice Skinner, Tayo Adekunle, Florence Winter Hill, Alia Romagnoli, Linnet Panashe Rubaya, Jodie Bateman, Molly Piper Greaves, Iga Bielawska, Eleanor West, Samiira Garane, Beth Suzanna, Charlie J Fitz, Caitlin Binks, Josie Devine, Ophelia Arc, Florence Poppy Deary, Eliza Hatch and Bee Illustrates.

Eliza Hatch & Bee Illustrates


The theme of the exhibition was subverting the notion of “attention-seeking” or “dramatic” women* and reclaiming words that were historically used to oppress people of marginalised genders when speaking out on the issues they face. By amplifying the work of artists and activists using their voices for change, Hysterical showed how young creatives responded to the world around them, by using art as a tool for advocacy. During the residency, Hysterical hosted a panel discussion and workshop within the gallery space. The workshop was hosted by Grrrl Zine Fair, and the panellists included; Gina Martin, Prishita Maheshwari-Aplin, Cathy Reay, Maxine Williams and India Ysabel. All proceeds from ticket sales from Hysterical were donated to UN Women UK and Mermaids.

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